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2017 Fire Rooster

Feng Shui is a 4000 year old ancient Chinese art and science. Feng Shui means “wind and water”. It is the balancing of energies of any given space to assure good health, good fortune, and well being for all occupants living in that space. The term space includes the interior as well as the exterior landscape.Tamara has been a “Classical Traditional Compass” Feng Shui consultant for over 12 years. She is completely in tune to the balancing of energy, or Chi, as she refers to it. Energy is based on “Yin” and “Yang” energies. Yin energy means subdued, feminine, Winter, quiet. Yang energy means quite the opposite – loud, active, Summer, masculine.



Tamara applies the above principles to her Fung Shui projects, resulting in balancing of energies of any given space to assure good health, good fortune, and well being

Chinese New Year
28th January 2017 – 15th February 2018
 Yin Fire Rooster

The beginning of Chinese New Year 2017 (according to the lunar calendar) begins on the New Moon which in 2017 will be on the 28th January 2017; this will take place after the Winter Solstice and the event is celebrated by millions of people in every single country and area of the world that you can think of. Chinese New Year is a time of new beginnings and signifies a fresh start for everyone. Chinese New Year is very much a family event where the social side of things is concerned and is a time of reunion and thanksgiving. Below you will find everything you will need to know about Chinese New Year 2017, year of the Yin Fire Rooster…

Those born in the year of the Rabbit could be affected by the conflicting influences of the year of the Yin Fire Rooster. Although the Rabbit is the conflict animal of the Rooster year, those born in the year of the Rabbit should be aware of potential difficulties they may encounter during the year and take extra care in whatever they do without taking unnecessary risks in all aspects of their life. Regardless, if you follow the advice here you can avoid many problems, in our opinion so do not panic. It should be noted that there are five different types of each Chinese Animal (fire, water, wood, earth, metal) which depends on the year you were born and each different animal will have different predictions for the year ahead; you can find out more about this in our 2017 Feng Shui guide.

For example:
Metal Rabbit: 1951
Water Rabbit: 1963
Wood Rabbit: 1919, 1975
Fire Rabbit: 1927, 1987
Earth Rabbit: 1939, 1999

The degree of this influence varies from one person to another. One of the major considerations is the heavenly stem of the year in which one was born so if you were born in 1927 or 1987 which would be a Fire Rabbit, the year will not be bad at all.


Let us create optimal feng shui for you by encoding who you want to be into your living spaces. We will custom design your spaces based on your promoting elements, colors, symbols, and numerology.

2017 Annual chart

Astrological annual chart, believed to be the most powerful elements in Feng Shui. The yearly stars, stay in one sector for the whole year and then moves to another one, the following year. There are stars that bring both favorable and unfavorable circumstances to someone’s life. Sectors have good and bad stars. In the case that a sector only has good stars, lots of luck will be on its way to the occupant. In the case of a bad star controlling energies, this announces the coming of misfortunes and its occupant should install Feng Shui cures and remedies to avoid these.

Feng Shui Bagua

Feng shui bagua is one of the main tools used to analyze the energy of any given space. This serves as your “energy map” or compass of your space in connection to the eight areas of your life. It consists of health & family, wealth and abundance, fame and reputation, love and marriage, creativity and children, helpful people and blessings, career and path in life and spiritual growth and cultivation.